We know that it’s not easy to walk into a new church for the first time.  There are new faces and unfamiliar surroundings.  But regardless of whether you’ve never gone to church or have been following Christ for years, we want you to know that you’re welcome here. 

We’d love for you to visit! 


Wear what you like!  You’ll see everything from suits to jeans, dresses to pants.      


Our services are traditional, but not stiff- ordered, yet not lacking warmth.  Morning worship starts at 10:30 AM and ends at 12:00 PM.  The evening service starts at 6 PM and last for about an hour.  First and third Sundays of the month we share a fellowship meal after the morning service.  Everyone is invited, and if you’re a guest, don’t feel at all obligated to bring food.  We have more than enough for everyone.

Here is a sample order of worship:  

  • Announcements
  • Call to Worship
  • The Singing of a Psalm
  • Reading the Scriptures
  • The Singing of a Psalm
  • Bringing Our Tithes and Offerings to God
  • Praying for Christ to Advance His Kingdom
  • The Singing of a Psalm
  • ·Reading the Scriptures
  • Applying God's Word (Sermon)
  • The Singing of a Psalm
  • The Benediction
  • The Doxology



We provide child care for young children.  The nursery is staffed by competent adults and is located near the congregation.  Feel free to make use of it.

As for older children, they remain in the main service.  Don’t worry about the normal wiggling of children.  Many of us have little ones as well.  We very much understand.  



We love to sing God’s inspired Hymnal, the Psalms.  While there is much by way of Christian contemporary music that is enjoyable and theologically rich, the Psalms are inspired in the truest sense of the term.  God wrote them through David and other writers.  As such, they hold a special place in the worship of God’s people.  Since our desire is for corporate worship to be as Word-centered as possible, our only hymnal is the Psalter.

If you would like a taste of what this might look like, consider an example from one of our international conferences: